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After some softening up in a stressful strappado behind her, keep her on her toes. Ellen clamped to her nipples. She is tied into a human knot and has multiple orgasms. Ellen is no stranger to bondage but wants to expand her horizons.

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Lorelei Lee endured sensory overload in this intense Device Bondage scene. Gagged, blindfolded, caned, flogged, and made to orgasm over and over. Heavy breath play, nipple torment, and some of the hardest orgasms cause Lorelei to enter "subspace". A phenomena that must be watched to be understood.

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Cassie begins the shoot with a twist around the pole (she's a stripper as you may guess). Considering Cassie doesn't exactly have a huge pussy, she stretched her hole pretty well!

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Sweetness returns to Hardtied and PD gives her a cherry she wont soon forget! Bound hand and foot, shes made to stand on a stool in spiked heels, a rope tight around her neck. PD fingers her pussy, enticing her to choke herself just a little to get the most out of his touch. After some caning, PD puts her in a strict tie that spreads her wide.

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Melody does find some interesting uses for Emely though! She is bound in a throttling hogtie, the brat comes out full force. Melody loves bondage. He confronts his fear and the pain of strict bondage. The fuck speed, lavender goes for a groin check up and expects a happy ending he is given an Melody spanking and a huge orgasm. Melody starts so innocent, but from the first few moments, it is clear.

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Cyd Black does things to Trina to test the limits of her endurance. Legs, pussy, ass and tits are all fair game. Normally the hot wax from a candle is an intense enough experience to satisfy his sadism. The intensity of his sadism would tear her apart if she was not such a pain slut.

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Daisy Strong has a lot to live up to, being Delilah's little sister in a world where her big sis has done it all is intimidating to say the least. With clamped tits and her feet being flogged, Daisy whimpers, but as she experiences her first forced orgasm she toughens up for the rest of the day. Now she knows the reward, she will suffer the pain.

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Calicos cable-tied, bagged, dragged into the basement, and humiliated as PD trains her to be his dog. Shackled to the floor of the basement, she has to stay in the doggy position or he shocks her with a taser. She gets a caning for her impudence then he locks in the box where shell eat, drink, sleep, and go to the bathroom until she can learn to behave.

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